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Quick Troubleshooting

What is the default Ip address ?

You can check the default IP address of you router by opening up CMD and typing IPCONFIG.

What is the meaning of solid power light ?

The meaning of Solid power light means your router is ready to be used. IF the light is orange then you need to contact support.

How to change admin password ?

You can change admin password by logging into admin page.

Does nighthawk supports 5GHZ Band ?

Yes, nighthawk routers support 5GHZ band. You can connect your devices and get the high speed internet.

How to recover forgotten password ?

You can recover your Password by reseting the router by getting access of the Netgear genie page.

Where can i find more FAQS ?

You can visit our Faqs page to access more troubleshooting FAQS.

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Troubleshooting Issues

Netgear Routers

Netgear has been giving individuals a standout amongst the best systems administration equipment all around the world.They have very easy to use which is effectively open the user.Where the greater part of the switches need their default IP addresses.The client can essentially interface with t he switches to the work station or the remote frameworks to preconfigured to utilize the location bar go onto to login in their routers.Some of the clients can simply sign into their routers.Most of the clients faces issue while signed in their switches just in light of the fact that they don't have the idea about that the switches should be signed in. Netgear made this issue so natural for every one of the clients by giving a web address rather than the default IP address with the goal that client can get to it in a helpful manner.The web address is the area name which when composed in ; the switch remembers it and naturally diverts the switch to the login page. Subsequent to signing in to the router, the client gain admittance to the propelled highlights of the switches, for example, the Guest Network ,Parental control ,and Network speed Test ,to change the username and secret key of the switches and get the firmware update to their switches.


The firmware update their highlight features on time to time.Updating the switch firmware is the urgent piece of the switch as it provide bug fixes and furthermore distinguishing the errors from the past also. Be that as it may, the primary worry behind the update firmware is the Security. All the touchy data is goes through the switch, for example, client private data , their email and their novel recognisable pieces of proof their banking details as well when they purchase something on the web and more.You can update your Netgear switches firmware by utilising web address, or

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Welcome to WiFi Router Login

Login Into Router To change Settings


To perform basic tasks like changing username & password, Login into netgear genie, reset to factory settings, enable readyshare etc. You need to login into router via provided web address or, Follow the provided steps to login into your Router - 

Launch a Web program from the all PC based gadgets like prevalent Web programs incorporate Google chrome , Mozilla firefox ,Apple safari, and Microsoft Internet. 

Type or www, into your internet browser's status bar. 

Press Enter or Click Search. 

Enter your login Username and Password to he switch login window. 

Click Ok and afterward further continue to the login procedure.

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Reset to Factory Settings


There are the occasions circumstance where the your switches should be the reset. The substantial circumstances is that when somebody forgotten their router password and after that confronting issue while signing into the their switch once more .

Here is a few stages pursues are as given underneath:- 

  • You will see the switch Reset button on the back of the switch. It might be named as Reset or 
  • Restore manufacturing plant settings. 
  • Press the reset catch and hold it for around a seconds. 
  • Release the catch in the wake of squeezing it for a ten seconds. From the back of the switch you will see the LED lights squint then the these light transforms into the strong Green it implies your Router is Successfully Reset.

Make sure you do not restart or unplug your router while resetting it to factory settings.

Make sure you do not restart or unplug your router while resetting it to factory settings.

Troubleshoot Login Issues

Can't Login to Netgear Router?

 When you are not able to login into the netgear router people have facing the issues with signing in or the login not working, here are some investigating tips you can attempt for easy login:

  1. Reset the NETGEAR switch to its unique manufacturing plant settings. 
  2. Reset your Password as well as Username. 
  3. Turn your router On and off and Restart the router in physical Manner.
  4. Use an alternate Ethernet port or another Ethernet link in the event that you are suspecting any physical harm. 
  5. Change the Netgear Router Login IP address on the administrator page. 
  6. Unpair any firewalls, or spring up blockers introduced, as these will in general square Javascript get to. 
  7. The DHCP ought to dependably be empowered. 
  8. Have a go at getting to from an alternate PC or another Network Devices. 
  9. Erase treats and have a go at signing in once more.

There are multiple reasons why you cannot access your wifi page. You can contact us on the Live Chat

There are multiple reasons why you cannot access your wifi page. You can contact us on the Live Chat


Amazon Alexa Setup

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the best service provider on embedded devices like the Echo and the

Echo dot and many other devices also. This product is very useful to the internet user

just need to create an account to access the login process of the Amazon Alexa. The Amazon Alexa turn out will be very valuable in the picking up to learning all around the globe and it will finish the user with the relevant answer. The Alexa amazon can play the melody, classifications, or the collections. The client can pick the colossal number and the default music libraries and the user can either pick the various administration.

Alexa Amazon Login Setup Page 

Amazon Alexa login setup is the very basic step to configure the Amazon Alexa. After setting up the Alexa to your Windows or Macintosh PC, a client can control on the pc remotely, speak with the Alexa empowered gadgets from your PC, or else utilize your AMAZON Alexa as a PC speaker. Associate with the AMAZON Alexa login page with your PC instantly. A client needs to go to set up the Alexa Amazon to introduce the pristine AMAZON ECHO, Echo Show, Echo Dot. Followings are some steps to log in to the Amazon Alexa:

  • Place your Amazon Alexa near to the router to access the Alexa.
  • After making the connection you can wait for some time the light placed into the Alexa will turn   on it means that your setup is successfully done.
  • Then Turn on your device connected with the Alexa amazon.
  • Go to the wifi settings of the Alexa amazon option appears on the Amazon network.
  • Open the web browser into the computer then type the web address of the Alexa amazon.
  • Here you can see the Amazon Alexa login setup page.
  • The login setup page appears on the screen then login to the Amazon Alexa account and then follow the instruction given on the screen to connect with the available network.

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Alexa Setup

How to connect the Echo with WiFi by using Alexa Amazon?

The Echo Amazon Alexa is the virtual assistant to add more skills to the devices. Alexa Amazon is very useful to control the smart devices like likes and the thermostats, routers and so on. Before going to the connection process you will need to follow the followings steps:

● Firstly you will need to plug on the Echo into the power supply.

● Then open the Alexa App.

● Then go to the Alexa App and then Click on the Settings option available on the screen.

● Hold and Press the Action button wait for some time while the Light placed on the Alexa Amazon will turn their color change to orange. After making the connection then connect your Echo device. Here you will see the list of the available networks.

● Here you can select your required network and enter the password after selecting your network then select the Add a network option appears on the screen.


Amazon Alexa Setting Up Problems Resolve issues


Amazon Alexa Setup is the process provides you the hard time. Some of the clients are facing the issue settings up the Amazon Alexa. You need the Alexa application or the site to finish the setup procedure. In spite of the fact that the Echo setup process is very simple, on the off chance that you skirt some minor advances, you are damned.

Commonly, the Alexa application is stuck on the white screen and doesn't give you a chance to finish the setup procedure. Different occasions, you will see that the ring light is stuck on blue when you really need the orange light to begin the setup procedure. Be that as it may, don't stress:

Plug in the Alexa Properly and Install the Alexa App


To set up the Alexa Amazon you will need to install the Alexa App into the Android or the IOS devices. Do not open the Alexa amazon App yet you will first need to plug in the power socket. After plugging in the socket, the Amazon Alexa lights start blinking and the light placed into it turns to blue minutes. Once you will see the light placed into the Alexa amazon turns into the yellowish color then installed the Application in your phone.

Connect the Amazon Alexa Wi-fi the manually


You'll at that point be taken to the Manually associate with Echo screen. This progression is extremely pivotal and it's imperative to tail it carefully. Here's what you have to do. Leave the Alexa application and open the Wifi Settings on your telephone.

At that point, tap this association with the interface. When you tap the association, your Echo gadget will at that point say her first words that you are associated. In any case, that is not, in any case, the finish of the story. When you interface with this Amazon Wi-Fi, you'll get a warning saying Wifi has no Internet access on Android. 

Sign into the Alexa App

After installing the Alexa amazon you will need to sign in by using the Amazon account. If you have an existing account then you will need to put that credentials if you are the new user then you will ask to create a new account. Then choose you're the Echo device and then follow the screen instruction. Tap the Continue catch. That is all you need to do to set up Echo and Alexa with no issue.

Alexa Echo Settings

Tap the warning and select Yes from the spring up menu. This progression is additionally critical. In the event that you don't tap the warning and press Yes, you will confront the Wi-Fi setup issue on Echo.

Connect to the Home and the Workplaces

You'll at that point be approached to choose your Wi-Fi to organize. Tap your Wi-Fi arrange and enter the secret word. In the event that you need to, you can likewise spare your Wifi secret key to Amazon. At long last, hit the Connect button. Our Echo gadget will at that point complete the setup procedure and you'll be advised on the following screen that the setup is finished. 

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