Frequently Asked Questions

How to Access the Netgear Router login?

Netgear Router Login all pages helps you to the advanced settings of home or office router .To access Router login page, here are the do follows the followings steps:-

  • Access the web Browser on the computer or mobile devices which is connected to the network.
  • Search to the web browser.
  • Then press Enter or Click to the Search option.
  • In router login window enter your Username and password.
  • Click and then you access to the router login successfully.

Can’t open all configuration are changes through router and the router firmware update with Some of the users face the issues with the logging into the There are several reasons behind these follows the following steps to tackle this issue:-

  • Check the power supply connection whether your system having the uninterrupted power supply.
  • After that use router default IP address instead of using web address.
  • Then check the internet connection.
  • Reboot the router and other network devices.
  • To tackle these download the latest router firmware for updating features.
  • Clean the cookies and history of the network.
  • Confirm that Ethernet cable does have cuts it.
  • Use another web browser.

How do I find the IP address of the connected devices to my router?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique sequence values of sequence separated isolated periods. In modern era IP versions to  (IPv4) version 4 or version 6 (IPv6). 

Case of an IPv4 address: 12.301.405.2 

Case of an IPv6 address: 2001:0db8:5078:31c3:0000:0000:31fd:fe04 

Every devices associated with your router can be distinguished by its one of a kind IP address. For more data, see what is an IP address?

To discover the IP address of devices associated with your switch: 

  • Sign in to your switch. . 
  • Discover the page in your switch web interface that rundowns the gadgets associated with your switch. 
  • For NETGEAR routers, click BASIC > Attached Devices. 
  • A Device Name and IP Address shows for each associated devices.

Note: If you don't have a NETGEAR switch, refer to your item's client manual or support page

How to change the Router Admin Password?

Netgear routers required Username and password to access the admin page. This login credentials help the user to access Netgear Router Setup process. Go through the following steps to change the password:-

  • Plug in the router to check the active power supply.
  • Connect modem to router.
  • Open the Smart Wizard page.
  • Welcome screen appears on the screen.
  • Click to the Set password option.
  • Enter your previous password and then the new one.
  • Re-type new password for the security purposes.

How I manually configure my Netgear Router using netgear Genie?

NETGEAR Genie offers a dashboard to set up router, change settings, set admin password etc. NETGEAR Router can be configured manually by following some simple steps:

  • By using a cable connect your Netgear Router with computer and modem.
  • Plug in the Modem to the electrical socket.
  • Turn on the router.
  • Then type the router default router IP address and launch the browser.
  • Enter your username and password to login to the router.
  • Netgear Genie Setup Wizard will open.
  • A new window will open on the screen.
  • Then click on the Next button.

How I secure my Netgear wireless network?

NETGEAR Router accompanies WPA or WPA2 security to make a solid system. Yet, you need to set up these security levels through settings. Stroll through the guidelines beneath to verify your remote system: 

  • Go to website page. 
  • Enter login subtleties to continue further. 

On the essential landing page, pick WPA alternative. 

  • Enter your password. 
  • Re-type the new Password. 


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